Lido di camaiore Lido di Camaiore Tuscany Italy is the modern and pleasant beach of the historical center of Camaiore. It is located in a delightful, calm and pleasant area by the sea, it has an extension of many kilometrss, between Viareggio and Marina di Pietrasanta.  This small town is now very important because af its huge beaches with gold and thin sable and even because of its inland which has an incomparable scenery due to the presence of the fertile surronding hills and of the peaks of the Apuan Alps which stand out in the deep blue sky. The bathing equipmenfs ere among the most modern end functional. A wonderful promenade by the see is the way to get to the bathing establishements, this promenade is rich in flower-beds and palms and there are many bars, a theatre and many attractions (it also has all the characteristics of a panoramic promenade); is characterized by the presence of many villas sunk in the green, very large streets, beautiful squares with artistic fountains and a center with all the public equipments which are indispensable for the community. became more and more fashionable among artists who chose it either for their holiday or as their definitive residence. The playwright Pier Maria Rosso di San Secondo lived here: in his house still lives his wife, Inge, careful keeper of his original and intensive literary work - according to many critics - not inferior to Luigi Pirandello's.The famous painter Galileo Chini who, on his return from Siam had buildt himself a Villa in Lido di Camaiore on the via del Fortino , inspired Liberty, the new trend in taste which, from the end of the war until the 1930's, successfully transformed the architectonic and artistic face of Versilia. Lido di Camaiore is a a modern seaside resort with such characteristics that it ranks among one of the major tourist centres.Its vast sandy beach - 4 Km. - lies beween Marina di Pietrasanta and Viareggio and slopes gently into the sea; it is easily reached: all you have to do is cross a wonderbul and scenic besch promenade, rich with gardens and fiower beds, along which run colourful bathing establishments, small shops, cafés and restaurants. In the avenue (Viale Pistelli) parallel to the promenade is a cycling track. Lido di Camaiore is a particularly attractive resort with numerous villas set amidst delighthul gardens, wide streets, squares and public parks.The place boasts a wide range of tourist accommodation: the hotels (some of which are open all the year round) offer visitors all modern facilities. The cuisine in Lido di Camaiore is typical of all Versilia, a renowned area for its home cooking which can be enjoyed in sophisticated restaurants as well as in countryside trattorias.