There are numerous ways to get around while you’re visiting Northern Italy. The city center of Brescia, and the various historic sites, churches and other major attractions are all within walking distance. The wide sidewalks and tree-lined streets make for a pleasant stroll though the Old Town, while the numerous Piazzas are closed to traffic. If you’re looking to venture a bit around the city the public bus lines, including the Brescia Trasporti Spa offer service to get you to most major destinations. The buses are reasonably priced and run throughout the day, including service on Sundays. Consult the official Brescia Trasporti Spa Web site for fare, schedules and route information.

Taxicabs are also available in the city center, and even in most other parts of the city. If you’re traveling to the surrounding countryside the cabs can be expensive, but a car and driver can also be arranged. Be sure to use a licensed cabbie, and confirm the fare before you begin your trip. Brescia has a large tourism industry, and while efforts have been made to crack down on illegal, and gray market cabs, these still tend to prey on tourists. These non-official cabs are generally safe, but the rates can be vastly higher than the official taxicabs.