There are a number of theaters in the Agrigento area, as this was the home of Luigi Pirandello, one of Italy’s most famous playwrights and winner of the 1934 Nobel Prize in Literature. The Pirandello Theatre (Municipio Teatro Comunale Luigi Pirandello) is located at Piazza Pirandello Luigi, 1 in the city, and runs plays from October to April. Another theatre, La Posta Vecchia, also has season performances. During the summer, there is a “Holiday Park” cabaret and a Pirandello Theatre Week in Agrigento to celebrate the performing arts. The city again pays tribute to Pirandello in December with a convention that draws visitors from all parts of Italy to discuss, analyze and view Pirandello’s works. Agrigento also hosts the Efebo d’Oro, a cinematography competition, in September.

July brings the largest religious festival in the city, the weeklong Festival of San Calogero, the “Black Saint.” There are processions, reenactments and musical performances that demonstrate the deep attachment and mystical reverence the natives of Agrigento have for this saint.

Also during the summer are a folk festival and a music and wine festival. The latter focuses on blues, gospel and soul music. Many national and international stars are invited to perform as Sicilian vintners present their best wines and offer tours of their vineyards.