The main beach near Agrigento is located at Porto Empedocle, a located a few miles to the southwest of Agrigento. Topless bathing is permitted here, though most people who do this on the beach will be foreigners, as local Italian girls tend not to do this at beaches close to home.

The main activities around Agrigento, however, probably involve walking and visiting monuments. The area around the old city of Agrigentum is very scenic and good for sightseeing.

Another thing to do while in Agrigento is to visit the Torre Salsa Montallegro, located right along the coast about 15 miles west of Agrigento. This farm produces bread, wine, olive oil and vegetables for sale and provides picnic and barbeque facilities for visitors.

Food and drink are also very important to the Agrigenti. It is a good idea to try some local specialties, which are a mix of Italian and Arab cuisine. Olive oil, anchovies, pasta and cheese (especially romano and ricotta) are heavily featured here. Fish is one of the most important foodstuffs for the Agrigenti, and you can even try your luck at catching some of your own. Local hotels can guide you to the local fishing areas and companies who rent out the appropriate equipment.