Aalesund burned down on 23rd of January 1904. The fire started at 2.15 in the morning, and because the wind was so strong the fire got bigger and bigger. aprox. 12.000 people lost their homes. Only one woman died in this fire, because when she realised that the fire would burn down her home, she ran back into her house to get her belongings. Everyone else left everything and started to walk out of the city.

But the news about the fire spread as fast as the fire itself, and people from other places in Norway as well as other countries quickly got interested. The Germans were very helpful. When they heard the news, they made four ships( originaly on their way to help someone else) turn around and set course for Aalesund. They brought water and food, blankets and clothes for all those people without homes.

 Aalesund was re-built in 3.5 years. And it was a compleat makeover for the city. It was re-built in a german Jugend-style. Now that is a lot of the reason for it's charm and beautie. And it's worth seeing. A lot of people also seem to think that because it's a german style, and the german helped us, it's their arcitecture. But also norwegian arcitects jumped at the chanse of making and re-build a whole city. And influenced by the german style and co-work, they made the city what it is today.

In 2006 (now) aprox. 40.000 people live in Ålesund.