The history of Fantoft stave church dates back to 1150 when the church was built in Fortun in the county of Sogn.

Privately owned it was moved to Bergen in 1883 and put up at Fantoft - 6 kilometres outside the centre of Bergen.

In 1992 - June the 6th -the church was put on fire by a satanist from Bergen and burnt down - only some unuseful peaces were   found in the ashes.

A completely new church was built, and it was really a challenge since no stave churches had been built in Norway for several hundred years.The church was inaugurated in 1997 and is an identical copy of the original one. Very little from the old church could be used; a relic,a wish stone and the cross at the altar are said to be from the original church.

The name stave church comes from the way the churches were built in the 11 hundred. The walls resting on  sills above the ground are called staver (staves) and are also known for the cornerpost. Therefore the name stave church.  

Outside the church you find an early medival cross probably put up by Christians in a time before they had churches.

You can reach Fantoft stave church by different public buses from the centre of Bergen:

Buses 20-24 take you to Storetvedt or Paradis ( yes, the bus stop is called Paradis), and from there you can walk on quiet roads and through a little wood to the church. Easy walking in about 15 minutes. Bus ticket;NOK 31,-

Some parking places can also be found. Fantoft stave church in Bergen

Bus nr50 takes you to Birkelundsbakken - very close to the church- a little uphill road a few hundred metres. Bus ticket: NOK 31,-

Bus nr 90 takes you to Sletten, and from there you will have a nice stroll along a beautiful lake "Tveitevannet" and the last part of the road is the same way as from Stortvedt. Bus ticket: NOK 23,-

I will so absolutely recommend the stroll along the lake. It is one of Bergen`s hidden pearls.

See my photos from the stave church and the lake under Bergen.