Many people picture Oslo as being a cold place to visit, and it’s true that the area is known for skiing in the wintertime, but Oslo’s temperatures are rather moderate for a city located as far north as it is.  The average winter temperature in Oslo is only about minus 4 °C (around 23 °F), which is considerably warmer than the winter temperatures of many American and European cities. Visitors should be prepared for frost from late October until late March/early April. Only occasionally there is deep frost below minus 15 °C (4 °F).

During the summer months, Oslo is reasonably (pleasantly) warm and many travelers enjoy swimming and other beach activities during summer stays in the area. Occasionally Oslo experience heat waves May to August period with temperatures up to 33 °C (over 90 °F).  Oslo is not particularly rainy so visitors do not have to worry about having their trip marred by wet weather.

Visitors are also encouraged to learn about the differences in daylight between summer and winter. Although there is nothing like midnight sun in Oslo, during summer nights are very short and there is often operational daylight after 23:00 (11 pm).  These gentle summer nights are merely prolonged twilights, often called "white nights". Although some visitors finds it difficult to sleep it is in itself a great experience.

The best time to travel to Oslo depends primarily upon the traveler.  Visitors who enjoy the snow and like to ski should wait until just after Christmas, when snow cover is likely in the area.  February is the peak month for skiing in Oslo, but this means that it is also a peak travel time and rates may be higher than in the month preceding or following this one - however few overseas tourists visit Norway and Oslo at this time.  Visitors who prefer beach activities will want to stick to the summer months, with July and August being the busy summer season in Oslo.

Oslo offers excellent possibilities for cross country skiing 10-15 minutes by metro from the centre, and even alpine skiing within the city itself.

Current weather information and climate statistics for Oslo can be found at: