Reading is one of the most highly recommended ways for tourists to get a better understanding of an area before traveling there.  This is particularly recommended for visitors traveling to a foreign country, where the culture and way of life may be radically different from that experience by the traveler in their own home country.  Recommended reading for travelers to Oslo includes:


Travel Guides: - Reading travel guides can help visitors gain understanding about the area, obtain tips for what to see and what to avoid while visiting, and get some background about the culture and history of the area.


Language guides: - Though English is spoken in Oslo, it is always helpful for travelers to have some tools for better understanding the native Norwegian language spoken there.


Other books:
  • “Sophie’s World: A Novel About the History of Philosophy” by Jostein Gaarder.  This is one of the first bestselling novels to come out of Norway. .
  • “Sami Culture in a New Era: The Norwegian Sami Experience” by Harald Gaski.  This book can give travelers insight into the experience of ethnic minorities in the Oslo area.