Bodo is a really great place to spend a week. Here's a list of the must-do's :

1. The mælstrom - biggest in the world

2. Aurora Borealis - solar flares are on a 12 year cycle. You can check the solar activity here (Top left corner to change the view to Europe..) or but you may be disappointed as it's not all the time

3. The churches - try to catch services at these, since they are much more beautiful and meaningful when in use. Some are war-time and some are medieval. The staff are very friendly and usually speak English and can tell some very interesting stories and history about them.

4. The Glacier - it closes during the xmas season

5. The Aviation Museum - Bodo played quite a big part in the war - the place was used as the ideal place to land the spy plane peeking in on Russia because of the midnight sun, and on arrival it would be broken down, packaged up as something innocuous and shipped back through the Far East. Plus Bodo is built around a still-active military base. Anyway, the museum is fantastically curated, and fascinating. Plus it has a fight and flight simulator that moves in 360 degrees!

6. Staltfjeloet National Park - this would be amazing either in summer or winter. There are heaps of fishing/canoeing/hiking/horse-riding oportunities in summer and you can also walk in winter snow-suits, it is like walking through the back of the wardrobe into Narnia!

7. Sweden! - The second closest town to Bodo is in Sweden! 3 Hours from Bodo!

8. Swimming pool and spa - the local swimming pool has a spa as well. You have to pay for a ticket to both if you want to do both, and it can work out quite expensive

9. The Bodo history museum  - the 'History of Bodo' short history film is really excellent

10. The art galleries

11. Seeing an elk or a reindeer

It's not even that hard to get to despite it's remote location according to a map. It only took 2 x 1.5 hr flights from London to Bodo which isn't long at all. Enjoy!