Norway is a beautiful country with amazing natural beauty.  Norway's main attraction is the country itself, the nature, the landscape, the fresh air, the endless summer days, the bright winter days, the endless space.

Its mountain fjords are breathtaking along with the one train ride that takes you there, the Bergen Railway line. Try the "Norway in a nutshell" tour to experience the most of the different Norwegian nature has to offer quickly. The western and northern fjords can also be enjoyed by driving your own car. The coast and fjords can be experienced from the Hurtigruten (coastal cruise) or shorter trips on regular express passanger boats ("hurtigbåt").

A number of Norway's cities are worth a visit, but  several cultural attractions, such as the unique & ancient stave churches, are in remote rural areas. These stave churches ("stavkirke") are often located in a great natural scenery in the fjord or mountain area.

Trondheim - nice old city with a fabolous cathedral, a religious centre of Northern Europe in catolic times
Bergen - the charming old city itself surrounded by mountains and water, was for centuries Norway's main city and a cosmopolitan trading centre, still the main city in western fjord region
Ålesund - splendid art noveau centre, great location on string of islands stretching into the Atlantic, the regional capital of the north-west
- the capital, the city itself is less charming, but offers some great museums (Viking ships), some major sights and good nightlife, great location on a major fjord
Stavanger - charming wooden city, the petroleum capital.