Vienna is not a cheap city, but eating needn't make too big a hole in your budget.

One of the best ways to have a cheap and pleasant lunch is to buy a picnic from a supermarket and take it to one of the city's many parks to eat. Supermarket chains including Billa and Zielpunkt usually have well-stocked deli counters from where you can choose meats and cheeses, and most will make up rolls for you if you ask. Otherwise, head over to the bakery section and grab a few Semmel (the Austrian word for bread rolls). Semmel tend to be quite crusty so a pocketknife is handy, if you want to do it yourself.

When buying fruit in a supermarket, the usual custom (though this can vary between supermarket chains) is to weigh the fruit on the scales provided, which will print a sticker for the cashier to scan. British tourists, used to presenting fruit to be weighed at the tills, can cause embarrassing delays.

Vienna, as with most cities in the German-speaking world, has a generous sprinkling of sausage stands, known as Schnell-Imbiss, just Imbiss and sometimes Würstel-box. The range of different sausages is quite bewildering to the outsider, but a visit of any length to Vienna should give you the opportunity to try several!  Varieties include the well-known Frankfurter or Bratwurst sausages (though note that Austrian Bratwurst are different from the German variety), the spicy Debreziner, the steamed or boiled Bockwurst, the cheese-enriched Käsekrainer and many more. Beer and soft drinks are also sold by the can or bottle. Most Imbiss stands have an area where customers can stand and eat and a bin to dispose of plates, napkins and cans.

As a rule, sausages are served with a roll (m. Gebäck) and dabs of mustard and/or ketchup on a paper plate. If Hot-dog appears on the menu, it means that the sausage in question will be served inside half a hollowed out French stick, lubricated with mustard and ketchup. The vendor will usually ask whether you want condiments, but if you want to be sure, you can ask for it "ohne Senf" (no mustard) or "ohne Ketchup" (no ketchup).