The best method of getting around Vienna is via public transportation.  A combination system of busses, trams, trains and newer subway lines makes getting around Vienna easy and efficient.  This system is relatively inexpensive and is used regularly by both tourists and locals.  More information about the public transportation system in Vienna is online at .

It is highly recommended that visitors use public transportation because driving in Vienna is more of a hassle than a convenience.  Parking is difficult to find and expensive, especially in the areas most likely to be frequented by tourists.  There are a number of one-way streets, and it is sometimes difficult for newcomers to understand which streets are running which way.

Visitors who want to avoid public transportation should opt to spend their money hiring taxis, rather than renting a car and trying to get around on their own.   Taxis are metered and use standard fares which are relatively inexpensive in comparison with other European cities.   Travelers should always ask drivers about rates before accepting rides, to be sure that they aren’t going to be cheated.   In general, though, taxi drivers in Vienna are competent and fair.   People even hire taxis to take them on tours throughout the city.

Locals favor bikes, so give them a try.