Vienna visitors are most likely to spend the bulk of their time in the City Center, also known as the 1st District; however there are eight other major neighborhood districts in the area surrounding the City Center which visitors should know about.

  • 1st District is Inner Stadt, known more commonly as the City Center.  The famous “Ring” runs around this district and is where many people go to do their shopping and to experience the bulk of attractions in Vienna.
  • 2nd District is Leopoldstadt which visitors often go to in order to see Prater Park which includes an amusement park popular with families.
  • 3rd District is Landstrasse which contains two famous architectural landmarks: Belvedere Palace and Schwarzenberg Palace.
  • 4th District is Wieden which is a trendy neighborhood boasting historic buildings in a small neighborhood center.
  • 5th District is Margareten which is primarily residential but is visited by tourists because it holds the historic homes of some of Vienna’s more famous people.
  • 6th District is Mariahilf which is most often visited by tourists who are going to the Naschmarkt, a well-known open air food market where visitors can haggle with locals and experience the true culture of Vienna.
  • 7th District is Neubau which is the neighborhood where a large majority of the museums of Vienna are located.
  • 8th District is Josefstadt.  This is a place for visitors who are seeking a quiet respite from the bustling areas of Vienna.  Cafes here are popular as are restaurants.
  • 9th District is Alsergrund which is home to the University of Vienna.
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