Gay Vienna - Now or Never!

Vienna is Austria’s “gay capital”. For centuries homosexuals have left their distinctive marks in Austrian arts and politics, sometimes subtle, yet noticeable. Gay emperors, generals or composers of days gone by and all the gays and lesbians of today convert Vienna into a unique travel destination.

The city hosts annual events like the Vienna Pride Parade & the Rainbow Parade on the Ringstrasse, as well as  the  Life Ball, an international HIV/AIDS charity event.

Since the 2010, gay and lesbian couples can also have their partnership legalized in Austria. 

Vienna has a a active LGBT scene. From queer café to cocktail bar, from lesbian restaurant to leather place, from bathhouse to dance club, it is all there. Most gay venues are located in the area around Naschmarkt, others are scattered around the city. 

More infos:

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English-language information about lesbian and gay events see GayInVienna

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