Sacher Torte is probably Vienna's most famous cake. Its dense chocolate sponge centre is smeared with apricot jam (on top or in the middle) and covered in a hard, shiny chocolate ganache or icing. It is traditionally served with Schlagobers - a generous helping of whipped cream. When well made it is delicious and is best accompanied by a steaming cup of Viennese coffee of your choice.

The cake originated and is named after the famous Sacher Hotel. They still hold the rights to call their cake (made to a secret recipe) the "Original Sacher Torte" having won a long-running battle with Cafe Demel over the use of the word "Original". Certainly both places serve a wonderful Sacher Torte in delightful, if a little touristy, surroundings, but many other Viennese cafes serve excellent versions to rival these long-standing stalwarts. And there are many other delicious cakes to try if Sacher isn't your thing!

The Sacher Torte can be bought at many supermarkets and at the airport too.