During the ski season you can look out for the SKIBUS KITZBÜHEL to get where you likely need to go. From your hotel to the slopes the various shuttle buses are generally the best option. Check with you hotel during your stay on when the buses run. Additionally, renting a car is probably the best bet to get around the resort area. Things are never far but not much is actually within true walking distance.

There are several taxicab companies located in the resort area as well, but you’re likely going to need to call ahead of time to get a car. Check with rates and insist that the driver use a meter if it is available. The taxi drivers know the way around and can even offer suggestions on places to dine, and attractions to see.

If you’re headed to Kitzbühel in the summer consider renting a bike. While the elevation and climbs can put your legs to the test you’ll see some amazing sights and the generally mild weather makes even a long ride easy going.