Kitzbuhel is a small town, however the night life is plentiful. One of the best bar's has to be Chizzo's. It's on the corner of the main street with all the pubs and shops and the street that takes you up the the chair lift. There's a small bar outside that do reasonably priced drink's and then after 10.00pm you can walk down a set of stairs and the bar's open. It's decorated with huge bottle's of Moet champagne and Smirnoff Vodka and there are Swarovski crystals in the door. Even with it's elaborate decoration the drink's aren't that expensive. The Londoner is situated towards the opposite side of town from Chizzo's, near to McDonald's and the Casino.A band called the Small and Curly's play there every day at apres ski. And later on it doesn't tend to get busy until around 10.00pm. Drink's are more expensive here than in other pubs, and expect quite a loud atmosphere with lots of music. It's not a pub that you will find many local's in nor will you find anything Austrian about it what so ever. However this is obviously as intended - the name is a bit of a give away. Flanagan's is an Irish bar, and is a small walk outside of the main part of town. Good atmosphere, reasonably priced drinks, and they show all the English football games so there's no need to get too home sick. You can also ask behind the bar and they will let you know what ever score you are after. You can't knock the Pavilion either for it's apres ski, again the drink's weren't too expensive and although small, it wasn't over crowded. It gives a nice and cosy feel after a long day on the slopes. There are lot's of different bar's open for apres ski, so you will never be stuck for one. There aren't many bar's open for apres ski on the slopes however, they all tended to be in the town.

Inside Chizzo'sStretch through the town