Shopping in Tirol can be a very fun experience, and many tourists spend countless hours browsing and buying items for sale. The items available here vary in value – there’s everything from cheap souvenirs to very expensive pieces of art.

There are many local shops that combine various styles…. some sell very traditional items which are handcrafted locally or in Austria , and others sell more trendy and “cosmopolitan” items. No matter what a tourist wants, it’s sure to be displayed in a creative and mesmerizing way.

The best shopping is in the Old City . This is where handmade crafts such as wood carvings, crystal, traditional clothing, and other souvenirs can be found.

Tirol is very well known for its proximity to the Swarovski Crystal World Shop. The shop is located in Wattens. Tourists normally make at least one trip to this shop to see the beautiful and shiny crystals and glassware that are for sale. People in the United States as well as other foreign countries pay top dollar for items made of or with Swarovski crystals, so it would be a fascinating to be able to actually tell friends and family back home that an item was purchased in the actual Swarovski Shop in Austria .