Tirol is a perfect location for traveling with a family, including those with young children. Many of the activities that are available in Tirol are related to enjoying the great outdoors, but there are also many indoor museums and attractions that kids of all ages will enjoy.

During the winter months, the most popular activity for visitors is skiing. Parents can spend the day on the slopes and allow their children to take ski lessons with a group. Then, everybody can meet for lunch and talk about their fun experiences on the mountain.

During the warmer and/or summer months, some of the most popular activities for families are hiking, swimming, bicycling, and visiting well-known sites and attractions.

There are many hiking (or walking) trails that are suitable for families with young children. Most – if not all – provide great views and peaceful areas for a picnic lunch. The various trails range in length, so before setting out, check out the details with a hotel or a tourism office in Tirol .

For kids who need to release their energy, Tirol has some fun playgrounds. Most contain areas to climb, swing, or play in sand. Kids can spend hours in the playground while parents take turns shopping, eating, or sightseeing.