One of the most famous museums in Salzburg is the Mozart Museum, which is enjoyed by travelers from all over the world who appreciate not only the music made by the man but also the genius of his personal life.  Mozart is Salzburg's most famous son. The museum is named the Mozart Geburtshaus which translates to “Mozart’s birthplace”.  This should not be mistaken with the historic landmark known as Mozart Wohnhaus which translates to “Mozart’s Residence”.  The latter is a home his family lived in at one time.  Both are excellent places to visit, but the former holds the musical instruments of the famous man as well as other artifacts and the latter is merely a reconstruction of the place of their residence.

Although the Mozart Museum is the most famous of the Salzburg museums, there are numerous other museums of all types which can be explored by visitors.   The top pick for art museums in Salzburg is Rupertinum Museum of Modern Art ( ).   The top pick for a children’s museum is the Spielzeugmuseum ( ) which includes exhibits of old toys.   History fans have numerous choices but the top two for history museums are the Carolino Augusteum Museum ( ) and the Burgmuseum ( ).   Interested travelers can find out about other museums in Salzburg by visiting .