Located just across the border in Bavaria, the Eagle's Nest provides a unique view across the wonderful mountain area at the border region between Salzburg and Bavaria. The bus tour runs along the Koenigseeache valley, through the Bavarian mountains and past romantic farmhouses. The last part of the tour is really a kind of adventure. From Obersalzberg special coaches equipped with special engines and brakes drive about 20 minutes along steep rock walls and deep gorges until they reach the elevator. It takes you up to 5000 ft to the Eagle's Nest - gorgeous!

Due to weather and snow, tours are only available between May and October.  One should call the tour operator some days before to make sure the road is open. Tours operate daily from Mirabellplatz in Salzburg by Panorama Tours (www.panoramatours.com). The "Eagle's Nest" has its own homepage (http://www.kehlsteinhaus.de/en), so you may get all details there.