As with much of Europe (and indeed the world) their has been a rapid increase in the number of new breweries producing great craft beers in Austria. In the small region of Salzburgerland their are now at least 20 brewers. The variety of beers available make Salzburg one of the best European destinations for the beer tourist.

These are the top five, all reachable using public transport:

  1. Stiegl - The largest privately owned brewery in Austria, won't appeal to the craft beer purist but there's no escaping Stiegl beers in Salzburg. You can also visit Stiegl's Brauwelt (Brew World) to learn all about the brewing process, history of the brewery and of course to taste the beers. If you only drink one Stiegl beer whilst you're in Salzburg, go to the Stiegl Keller (beer garten) half way up the hill to the Salzburg Fortress. -  Stiegl
  2. Gusswerk - An innovative and organic modern microbrewery founded in 2007 on the site of a closed foundry which has been rejuvenated as a modern business park. Here you can experience rarities such as champagne beer and Steinbier. - Brauhaus Gusswerk
  3. Raggei - A multi-award winning microbrewery in a picturesque alpine village just outside Salzburg. This family friendly pub-restaurant was founded in 1999 and serves traditional Austrian beers and food in the atmosphere of a log cabin.- Raggei-Brau
  4. Die Weisse - It's hard to believe that this very modern looking pub, beer garden and late night music/dance club celebrated its 110th anniversary in 2011. As you might guess from the name, the attached brewery produces wheat beers in the bavarian style. A great place to end your long day in Salzburg. - Die Weisse
  5. Augustiner - Not the well known Munich brewery but a small brewery, beer hall and beer garden in an Augustine Monastery in the Salzburg suburb of Muelln. One of the best beer experiences in the world. At just before 3pm, join the queue waiting for the prompt opening of the pub; pay for your beer at the cash desk; chose a stein; rinse it in the fountain; and pass it to a server for filling direct from the wooden barrel. But wait, that's not all, take your beer upstairs to the beer hall and choose your food from the arcade of small shops that run around it! - Augustiner
These five destinations are chosen to show you the variety of beery experiences available in and around Salzburg and this is by no means an exhaustive list. Have fun and please remember, most of the beer is about 5% abv so drink responsibly.