In the state of Karnten in central Austria is a picturesque and pristine lake nestled in the Alps called Lake Millstatt.  Millstatt is a German word meaning thousand idols, the lake was named after a ledged that tells of idols being cast into the water by missionaries.    The area around the lake is like something out of a story book.  With brightly colored houses and buildings.  The primary city near the lake is Spittal, however the small town of Millstatt across the lake is a much prettier place to stay.  There are quaint hotels along the water that are reasonably priced, as well as many charming restaurants with in easy walking distance.  Be sure to go in the summer time as most tourist activities close down in the winter.


Spittal is accessible by train or by car with the closest airport reasonably priced airport being Munich, Germany.  To get to Millstatt from Spittal you will either need to take the bus or a taxi.  People in Spittal generally speak English, but knowing a little German wouldn’t hurt.  In Millstatt, you will find less English speakers, but they can usually figure out what you mean if speak slowly. The normal greeting in the area is not “Guten Tag” like you would find in Germany.  Instead, most people greet each other by saying “Gruss Gott”, which is literally saying greetings from God.