By plane:  Most travelers reach Paphos by airplane.  There is a small international airport in Paphos called the Paphos International Airport.  Updated information about that airport is online at .  This airport is served by such airlines as Cyprus Airways and First Choice.  Travelers coming from outside of Europe will first fly in to one of the major international European airports and then will transfer to a flight to Paphos.

There are no buses going form the airport into town but there are plenty of taxis. You can book in advance as well. A taxi costs around 30-40 EUR. (august 2008)

Upon arrival:  Many visitors opt to rent a car upon arrival at the airport.  Travelers will leave the airport and head towards the main highway which leads directly to the center of Paphos.  Travelers who do not wish to rent a car can hire a taxi at the airport or can take a bus.  The bus is approximately a twenty minute ride and travels to the center of the Paphos.

By bus:   The bus is one of the only other viable options for getting to Paphos.  The bus travels from the major cities of Cyprus to the center of Paphos.  Visitors coming from outside of Cyprus will need to reach the area before considering a bus as an option.

By boat:   Because of the beaches for which the area is known, many visitors mistakenly think that a boat can be taken to Paphos.   There are no legal ports in the area so this is not an option.