The lower Ezouza Valley is a beautiful stretch of countryside with organised walking paths near Paphos.  Go particularly in spring when the river is running, the frogs and birds calling, the flowers blooming.

It can be walked on the stretch of the E4 European Long Distance Path and nature trail starting from the golf course - now called Minthis Hills - near Tsada, to the coast.  Or join it from Episkopi.

The  village of Episkopi (the Paphos one) itself is old and picturesque, so well worth a visit on its own.

However, there is also an excellent Environmental Centre, which was established in the old village school in early 2013. There is a film show and interactive informational displays of the wild life of Cyprus and particularly the Ezouza valley. All is beautifully laid out and the staff are extremely helpful.

Both Tsada and Episkopi can be reached by local bus from the Paphos Karavella bus station. Alternatively, just take a bus or car to the Environmental Centre, wander around the village of Episkopi and walk whatever length of the nature trail you might fancy.

This is an excellent way to get away from the hustle and bustle, stretch your legs for whatever distance you want and learn about the nature of Cyprus amongst beautiful surroundings.

Suitable for all ages, including for children.