Two World Heritage Sites

Both these sites have recently become World Heritage Sites and justifiably so.  Each one deserves at least 2 hours to thoroughly explore though they can justify more time or two visits if archaeology interests you.  Neither are expensive to enter.  Both should be visited if you are staying in the Paphos area

Roman mosaics

This is a vast site on the edge of Paphos with the entry near the Harbour in Kato Paphos.  If you think you've seen mosaics think again, there are several excavated houses with the most amazing mosaics in, many are protected from the sun (which provides welcome shade for visitors as well) and show scenes from mythology and ordinary life, as well as a huge variety of unusual patterns. There are several sets of mosaics in the open air and some are still being uncovered.  As well as these houses with the mosaics there are also other remains such as old walls, theatres, a ruined fort etc.

Tombs of the Kings

These are about a 5 minute drive from the middle of Kato Paphos on the bus route to Coral Bay.  It is a vast Necropolis with rock cut tombs in a variety of styles.  The tombs have been constructed to resemble houses so the whole area is a little bit like a city carved into the rock.  Excavations are continuing and more tombs are being opened up.  Eight tombs are highlighted in the guide book and site map.