Dasoudi beach is a small beach near the East of the City, where fish can be found swimming in the waters. The backdrop is a Ucalyptus Forest and it has acheived a Blue Flag. Water is clear and mostly calm.

 Dasoudi beach is located in the centre of the tourist area and is popular with the locals. It has a Eucalyptus Forest (sort of) planted before the beach starts and there is a path running through it. The beach is not white sands it is the grey volcanic one but it is relatively clean. Very busy most days, hectic on the weekends in summer. There is a playground for kids on one end which is attached to the restaurant. There are also changing rooms and toilet facilities nearby. There are beach volleyball nets here as well. You can rent beds and umbrellas all along the beach front, at slightly rip off prices. Many locals just buy the bamboo or plastic covers for the sand and put towels on them (you can find these in all the kiosks and shops selling swimming gear). Some watersports facilities available like jet skiis etc.

 Due to the wave breakers (the stones placed a few meters out in the sea) it is calm with no under currents in the area making it good for families with kids. There are two parking places on this strip, one at the beginning near the restaurant and one half way through (located behind Pizza Hut). At the end there are a couple of rowing and kayak clubs as well as some beach restaurants and a fast food place.