In general, Luxembourg City has a mild continental climate with high levels of precipitation. Late spring or early fall are probably the best times to visit, because the weather is still pleasant and the hordes of summer crowds have either not yet arrived, or already departed. Temperatures during those times of year range from about 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, during the spring and fall you will have daylight until as late as 10pm , whereas in the wintertime it can be getting dark by 4pm . Though there is not much prolonged snow during the winter months, it does tend to stay dark and rainy, and temperatures are somewhere in the 30s. Many attractions cut their hours or close entirely. If you must come in the summer, the weather is not the problem; temperatures get up to the mid-70s and the days are long. But you will have to deal with larger crowds and more expensive rates for accommodations. In fact, it’s advisable to make reservations far in advance if you plan to come during this peak tourist season.