Reykjavik is a beautiful travel destination, but it might be considered very cold by tourists coming from warmer locations.  Winters are particularly cold in Reykjavik, with high temperatures averaging only about twenty seven degrees.  Summer months are more moderate, with average temperature being about fifty degrees.  For this reason, the main tourist season in Reykjavik is during the summer months, primarily between June and August.

Visitors seeking to take advantage of the best rates on getting to and staying in Reykjavik should avoid the high tourist season.  The few months before and after the high tourist season are the times which are best to go, as the rates have decreased but the weather is still relatively good.  Additionally, during these times of year, there are long daylight hours, but there are also sunsets.  This is in contrast to the twenty four hour daylight of Reykjavik’s summer months.

No matter what time of year travellers visit Reykjavik, they should bring their swimsuits.  This may sound a bit strange, since the weather is so cold, but visitors should remember that there are year round hot springs in Reykjavik, which many tourists use to stay warm during the day. There is no particular rainy season in Reykjavik, and storms are relatively rare.  However, the area can get very windy.

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