Putting this in Turku is a bit misleading... Utö is an island situated in the archipelago south of Turku, far south. You first have to go by car (or bus) to (but not on) the Korpoo (swedish Korpo)  ferry on Nauvo (Nagu), you have to take a ferry to Nauvo. The ship to Utö leaves from the harbour on the Nauvo side (on the other side of Nauvo). Nauvo is in "Väståboland", several municipalities who joined to one a while back. Driving from Turku is probably 1-1.5 hours. The ship takes 5-7 hours to Utö. The ship route is state substituted, so the price is around 10€. The ship does not necessarily return to Korpoo the same day. Preferably you should stay on Utö for at least one whole day, that means two nights on Utö. During the summer m/s Aspö trafics from Turku to Utö. See the hotels wesite for more information.

Utö is one of the outer islands in the Finnish archipelago with the highest year around inhabitants. It used to house an army base and big parts of the island was offlimits to civilians. Nowdays the army quarters house a hotel (http://www.utohotel.fi/).

Other accomodations are also possible, see http://www.uto.fi/2.0/service.php?lan...

Hannas horisont, run by Hanna Kovanen, does excelent guided tours. She also has a giftshop in the lighthouse. Hanna also sometimes helps running the shop and works as a substitute teacher in the school on Utö. You have to put your paws in many pots to make a living in a place like Utö.

Utö was one of (or the first?) places in Finland where a lighthouse was built. The original lighthouse tower is sadly no longer intact. The current lighthouse was built during Finlands Russian era, but is still one of the oldest in Finland.

 The lighthouse tower is special in sucha a way that it houses a small chapell. 

Utö is also popular amongst birdwatchers during the springt and autumn migration of birds.

For stormwatchers Utö is a great place, for Finnish conditions. The ship to Utö is able to traffic in almost any weather and the harbour on Utö is very well sheltered. 

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