Helsinki tends to get rather cold in the winter, so the major tourist season is during the warmer summer months.  During the summer, low temperature usually hover around sixty degrees and high temperatures usually don’t climb above eighty or eight five degrees, making Helsinki an excellent travel destination for visitors from places which got hot during the summer months.

In recent years, weather trends have been shifting in Helsinki, making recent years average higher temperatures for longer periods of time than in past years.   There has also been a prolonged winter rainy season in Helsinki over the past few years.   Overall, the weather in Helsinki is enjoyable, especially during the summer months, and travelers will not have to worry about discomfort if they pack appropriately for the season.   More information about weather in Helsinki can be found online at .  

In terms of the best time to travel to Helsinki other than related to weather concerns, travel depends upon the preferences of travelers.  June through September is the busiest time of year, with the peak being in August, which is marked with a number of small cultural arts performances as well as a large annual arts festival.  During this time, Helsinki experiences only about four hours of darkness each night, so visitors can enjoy being up and about with the sun for an extended period of time.