Salla is a small town/village in southeast Lapland, with ca. 2000 inhabitants and a range of amenities, such as a health centre, 3 supermarkets, a handful of speciality shops (e.g. sports equipment, electricals, Alko), couple of pubs/restaurants, petrol stations, library, post office, banks, ATMs, pharmacy.

See Salla village centre on Google Street View.

 Salla ski resort, which is actually called Sallatunturi, is located about 8 kms/5 miles from Salla village. Services available include snowmobile rental, ski school, ski equipment rental/shop, sports centre, pub/restaurant, spa hotel, etc. More information is available on the resort's website.

See Salla ski resort on Google Street View. (Unfortunately only from the main road though, but you get a glimpse)