Malmo is full of history presented in its architecture as you stroll the streets, the museums, and the culture is everywhere to be discovered and enjoyed.

A great place to start your tour of the city is the Malmohus Castle. Built in the 15th century, the castle is now a museum but has seen its fair share of uses, including at one time in history when it was a prison. Representing Renaissance design, it's Scandinavia's oldest building of this style. Inside it is a museum of natural history, art, and different exhibitions all year.

Nearby, is the Technology & Maritime Museum which boasts a grand display of planes, trains, and automobiles. Visitors even have the chance to explore the insides of a submarine.

Also, check out the beautiful modern art museum Moderna Museet. This museum is located in a converted electricity plant and always has interesting exhibitions.

Before you set off on your museum tours, ask your hotel or visit the Malmo online tourist board for information on the Malmo City Card. The card will present you with promotions and discounts.