Malmo has some great events and festivals throughout the year that you may wish to plan your trip around.

The biggest event of the year is the just over a week long street festival called the Malmo Festival, which occurs in the middle of August. It is one of Sweden's most popular and largest parties of the year. Sweden's top artists perform in outdoor concert series and all for no cost, and there is lots of entertainment, culture, theater, street food and other fun stuff for visitors.

Also, don't miss Sommarscen Malmö, an 8 week long festival of free culture all over Malmö every summer, check it out here.

One of the best and most beautiful times to visit the city is during the run-up to Christmas, when the central square features a traditional santa claus house, other winter characters from traditional Swedish fairy tales, rides for children, ice sculptures and more. Those afraid of coming during winter should rest assured that temperatures can regularly stay above freezing and the weather is not at all as unbearable as many people imagine. That said, dress warmly! 

Art lovers may wish to come for the Malmo Art Gallery Night in late September; come and enjoy the Swedish art on grand display.

Make sure to check with Malmo's online tourist board for a full event calendar.