Best way to experience the atmosphere and spirit of Gavle is perhaps to take a walk along the Gavle River, a promenade in Boulongerskogen City Park or a stroll in Old Town, with the narrow cobble stone streets.

Visit the County Museum, Sweden's Prison Museum or the Swedish Railroad Museum.

Popular among families is also enjoying a day at Furuvik, a conceptual park with the "World Of Apes" and rides and carousels for all ages. Or why not take a trip to the coast to one of the public sea baths, the old Bonan fishing village or take the boat to the idyllic Island of Limon, Gävle’s Archipelago.

Gavle coastline (Bonan)
Gavle Coastline - Bonan fishing village

The opportunities for entertainment and restaurants are great along the most central streets, where there is food for every taste and desire. Don't miss eating at one of the local Maritime restaurants serving fresh fish. Shopping can be found both in the city center and at shopping centers just outside town.

Visit Sweden's only Whisky Distillery in Mackmyra, Scandinavia's only Fragrance and Design Center Bjork & Berries in Hogbo or Wij Gardens in Ockebo - a big workshop with life as material.

If you are visiting during winter, there are of course the typical winter activities, such as down hill skiing in the ski slope in Kungsberget.