A great way to get to know Gävle and see the most well known and unique buildings and sights is by feet. A self guiiding Walking Tour is available in English. Visitors taking the tour gets directions from a guiding text along with a map.

Guided City Tours are available in Swedish during summer.

The Self Guiding Walking Tour include the following sights:

  • Heliga Trefaldighets Church - pay attention t the church tower, which leans a half meter.
  • The sculpture "The Five Musical Geniuses” - by Carl Milles
  • Agnes von Krusenstjerna’s Avenue - Agnes (1894-1940) was an outspoken Swedish author.
  • The City Park and Boulogners Forest.
  • The Art Center - contemporary art.
  • Strömvallen - the present day sports arena was inaugurated in 1923
  • Gävle Concert Hall - inaugurated in 1998 and located on the same spot as the old bathhouse.
  • Sweden’s Prison Museum - in an authentic environment.
  • The Gävle Castle - when built in the year 1593, it resembled a castle from a fairytale, today only the bricklayer is original.
  • Gävle’s Christmas Goat - during the months of December and January,
  • The City Library - open every day of the year.
  • Joe Hill Estate - moved to USA, known for singing songs, writing poems and fighting for workers rights. In 1915 he
    was convicted of murder and executed.
  • The Old Town - stroll along the cobble-stoned streets, most of the houses from the 1700s.
  • The County Museum - a unique collection of Swedish art from the 1600s to the present day.
  • The Old Grand (Grand Hotel) - designed for a large town exhibition in 1901.
  • Town Hall - restored in the 1879s.
  • City Hall - now used by the Municipality of Gävle, but still contains a magnificent festival hall and other beautiful rooms.
  • The sculpture “Goddess by a Hyperborean Sea” - by Eric Grates.
  • T. Hedberg’s Fountain - two large fountains created in 1880 by Carl Johan Dyferman
  • Gävle Theatre - completely destroyed in a fire, but restored in 1878. Pay attention to the names of Shakespeare and Moliére, both are spelled wrong and have been that way for over 125 years.
  • The Old Savings and Loans Building - constructed out of marble and red granite by Gävle’s Savings Bank in 1899.
  • The Town Square - in the beginning of the 1900s, farmers sold meat directly from their horse drawn wagons on the town square.

Link to "Walking Tour of Gävle"- text (english) and map

Note: The shedule for the Walking Tour inlclude a stop at "The Brig Gerda Gefle". Some visitors might want to exclude this stop, concidering walking to the Brig will take about 30 minutes, one way.

The sculpture “Goddess by a Hyperborean Sea” - by Eric Grates - Gävle
The sculpture “Goddess by a Hyperborean Sea” - by Eric Grates