Copenhagen is considered relatively safe, compared to other European capitals. Since foreign visitors are always at risk for petty crimes, be sure to guard your wallet and other valuables. The good news for female travelers is that sexual equality is a high priority in Denmark. So women should encounter virtually no discrimination or sexual harassment.

The only thing about Copenhagen is that its easy going culture might fool tourists into thinking that they are unsafe in certain parts of the city. As a general rule, if you see wild looking people walking down the street, chances are they are just drunk and pose no threat to you. There are areas of Copenhagen where the locals speak better English than others. If you are near to the center of the city then your chances are very good that any person you pick to talk to on the street will speak fluent English but as you go into the more residential areas of the city, this is not a given so you should always be polite and never assume that someone will be able to speak English. The locals in Copenhagen are very friendly and willing to help so you should not have any problem getting around.

Taxis in Copenhagen are generally safe to hail off the streets as well. Just so long as they have authentic numbers and papers on display (you can usually tell) then they will be safe. The drivers are honest and are usually more than happy to show you exactly what they are doing with the meter and how it is running. Make sure that you have an exact address for where you want to go so they can plug it into a GPS that all of the cabs have. The only problem you may run into with taxis here is drivers who don't quite know where they are going if you just give them the name of a place and may take you to the wrong place entirely. They will, however, immediately stop the meter if they make a single wrong turn in the route and it will stay stopped until they are sure that you are back on course.

Copenhagen is a city famous for its beer and nightlife so it is not uncommon to run into drunks on the street particularly late at night. Just exercise caution and treat them as you would treat anyone who was drunk: ignore them and walk away.