One of the most popular ways to travel around Århus is via bike (as it is in most towns in Denmark.) Bike riding is a quick way to cover much ground in the city but also enables each traveler to stop, see the sites as they cycle by and experience the surroundings without being fettered by a glass window or the high speeds of the highway.  Rentals are available all over Århus.

Another popular way to get around is walking. Århus is a generally pretty walkable city; also, it is safe to walk around in pretty much every part of the city. In a few hours of walking, one can feel comfortable with the main downtown section of Århus.

However, if one chooses to, there are also many taxis available to transport travelers from one location to another. Two reliable services are Aarhus Taxa (Tel.: +45 89 48 48 48) and Taxa Motor   (Tel.: +45 70 33 83 38).

Public transportation is less easily understood or available (keep in mind, while most people speak English, not everybody does), though many locals are helpful to point out stops and locations.

Renting a car in Århus can be absurdly expensive. However, to explore spots outside of the city, it can be beneficial.