Skagen Bymuseum [local history museum] was established in 1927 by the inhabitants of  Skagen. In 1938, the museum was moved to its present location at Svallerbakken in Vesterby and was named Skagens Fortidsminder. In 1997, the museum was renamed: Skagen By- og Egnsmuseum, "Fortidsminderne".


The museum is approved by the state as a cultural history museum with the Municipality of Frederikshavn as responsible authority. It is an independent institution run as a museum association.


The museum is a combined open-air and exhibition museum with houses from 3 periods of Skagen's history, "the black" (until about 1875), "the yellow" (about 1875-1907) and "the red" (after 1907).


In addition, there is a special collection about fishing, the lifeboat service and navigation.


The exhibitions look back on Skagen's history and forward towards the rest of the community. Outside the museum itself there is an exhibition at Kandestedernes Lifeboat station. "The Old Smithy" is at Vesterbyvej 15, and the museum's fishing boat ”HANSA” sails with guests during the summer months from the harbour. In the course of the year the museum arranges several events and these appear in a special programme.


An important section is the local regional archives, Skagen Local Collection, St. Laurentii Vej 113, arranged in the former courthouse and goal. People who are interested in family and local history can find the documents, photos and other records they might need here.