The weather in Denmark can be very shifty.

The winter (Dec-Feb) is very cold, with temperatures from -0 (celcius) to -13. We have snowfall every winter and it´s very beautiful, specially in the country-side. The winter can be windy, but is usually very quiet with disney-like snowfall and icicles from every roof.

The spring (Mar-May) is very shifty. It is often very windy and fresh. Late spring all the flowers begin to blossom and the trees get new leafs. We have some trees, that are green all year round (pines), but the majority of trees are only green half of the year. Although we are not a tropical country, we have a lot of flowers. The temperatures range from +5 (celcius) to +15 in the springtime.

The summer (Jun-Aug) can be quite warm, a fact that many people is not aware of. Denmark is usually referred to as the Italy of the North, with summer temperatures from +18 (celcius) on the bad days, but up to +26 most of the summer. We have a lot of tourists from Germany, and the northern countries (Sweden, Norway etc.), who come here for summer vacation to bask in the sun and hang in one of our many beaches. We have a very long coastline, considering our size, and the beaches are beautiful (although not interesting for scuba-dives, as we don´t have coral-reefs or anything like that), and it is always possible to find a little secluded beach where you can be alone.

The fall (Sep-Nov) have probably the most shifty weather. It is very windy and we often have storms in the fall. The early fall is extremely beautiful, as the leaves take on fantastic colours. The whole country goes orange (like you´ve never seen it). The temperatures range from +24 in September, but decreases fast throughout Oct/Nov to around +10 to +5.

When to go? It depends. If you want to hang on the beaches, go in August. If you want to stroll in the charming old Copenhagen, you might want to go in may/june, because otherwise it will be too warm. If you want to explore the country-side and go trekking in the nature, is is at its most beautiful in sep/oct.