Travelers should be sure to spend some time exploring the artifacts preserved at the Archaeological Museum at Olympia ( Olympia Museum ).  This museum contains a collection of terracotta pottery, bronze artifacts and statues dating back to ancient times.  There are exhibits of materials which were discovered at the Temple of Zeus and there are also pieces from important periods of art history.  Tickets are relatively inexpensive and there are reduced fares for students.  The Archaeological Museum at Olympia is housed on the site of the remains of the ancient baths of the area, offering an excellent setting for experiencing the history of Olympia .  See for additional information.

Another interesting museum which visitors should try to see during their stay in Olympia is the Museum of the Olympic Games (  Being the site of the first Olympic Games is what the area is most well-known for and this museum pays homage to that fact with artifacts from different Olympic Games throughout history.  Such artifacts include tokens from different games as well as commemorative stamps from around the world which are associated with the games.  This museum is open every day of the week, with limited hours on Sundays, and is relatively inexpensive to visit.