Corfu Town is at the broadest point of the peninsula that separates Corfu Island from Albania. Recall that Corfu Town is also known as Kekira or Kekyra in Greek. This helpful when a traveler needs to consult a map. Liston, Old Fortress, and New Fortress create the marina at the entrance to Corfu town.  

The Old Fortress and New Fortress are remnants of 15th and 18th century architecture, respectively. Liston is the bustling, main commerce area at the marina and includes an esplanade with a cricket field. Old Town is a Venetian citadel that contains old world villas, palaces, and historical landmarks. This entire area is primarily accessible by foot.

Explore the shiny, cobblestone streets in Old Town and Liston with a map or even without one. Visitors encounter something new around every corner. Dimokrautias and Ethnikis Antistais are the main arteries in Corfu town. They wrap around the entire city. There are numerous smaller streets that do not appear on maps. Use the major landmarks as visible guides.

Corfu island is divided into North and South cross-sections. The points of interest for resort and nightlife entertainment scatter across the Northern coastline. Outdoors and cultural immersion activities generally occupy the inland and Southern areas. Liston, the Fortresses, and Old Town are accessible by foot. More distant activities and club hopping to other cities may require some collaboration with transportation services, depending on the distance from Corfu Town.