Rhodes is officially the sunniest place in Europe, and with its white sand beaches it is home to lots of water sports. The bay of Faliraki is a playground for youthful travels. This sandy beach offers a variety of activities including wind surfing, water skiing, jet skiing and at night the town offers a vibrant nightlife, making it an ideal place for hot summer days and nights.

Walking is a growing activity on Rhodes, There are many paths of varying grades to suit all abilities, walking books are free from the tourist information in Rhodes town for self guided walks, a walking guide is recommended if you want to walk on the mountains of Rhodes.

Scuba diving is also a popular activity available at many of the resorts around Rhodes, but visitors are required to be accompanied by a guide from a diving school, and you can only go in designated areas. This is due to the abundance of antiquities that remain in the waters around the island, and removable of any items from the sea-bed is strictly prohibited.

Bicycle rentals are available throughout the island, and while it is far from flat there are plenty of roads and trails for casual rides as well as those that will offer a serious workout.


What would an island getaway be without a world course golf course? Well, of course Rhodes has one, which is about 10 miles south-east of Rhodes City at Afandou. Miniature golf courses can also be found at the large hotels and in most of the resorts around the island.