It is an easy journey from Ialysos - turn inland from the coast road - to visit the mountain of Filérimos and its monastery and ruins.  It's a place where many Rhodian families go to escape the heat of the coast and enjoy a day out.

Filérimos is situated on top of a flat hill, approximately 8 km inland from IIalysos.  It's a wooded plateau with plenty of space to picnic and wander, with a beautiful intimate church, open from 8 am to 3 pm, (entry cost 3 €- definitely worth it!) and a shady walk with the Catholic Stations of the Cross, provided by the Italians in the 1930s, leading to a Crucifix (you can climb up inside it and walk on the 'arms) overlooking the central plain of the island, the coastline on both sides of the island and Turkey.

But the mountain is home to at least a hundred peacocks!  Whilst not exactly tame, they allow you to get close to them (but manage to stay out of reach of any children single-minded enough to chase them!) and their unhibited vocal comments make the place almost like an alien planet!!  There are clean toilets on hand, and an honest café.  

 Why not experience a bit of family-oriented relaxation in the shade, just like the locals!  It's a welcome breath of fresh air - both literally and figuratively speaking.