Naxos Town is home to many different shops selling a variety of items from locally made crafts and clothing, jewelry, and local foods to boat equipment and fishing supplies.  Many of Naxos Town shops are concentrated on a few streets and are easily accessible on foot. Naxos town most fascinating town is for sure the old medieval town and its alleys with their colourfull shops, but there is quite a vibrating shopping area also in the newer part of town, close to the Court Square.

The most famous jewelry shop for buying special Naxos jewels and souvenirs is Butterfly Jewels & Accessories. This small shop, located in Chora Naxos, just behind OTE, specialized in jewels with Naxos eyes! The shop also hosts a big variety of suvenirs and jewels. See their website for details.

If you are looking for a present for your friends' house, something in ceramic, different, special, with a reasonable price, but of course, first of all, a GREEK product, you will find Argilos right at the entrance of the famous Old Market Street, ideal way into the medieval venetian town. Argilos has also quite a taste and style for earings and silver jewellry. It has definetely become a must in the last few years! The owner speaks Italian as well.

One popular shop for browsing or buying special souvenirs is the Petalouda Art Gallery.  This small gallery, located in Chora Naxos, features the paintings and sculptures of local artists and several who have relocated to Naxos from other locations in Europe.  The gallery also hosts art fairs and other special events.  See their website for details.

Other Naxos shopping destinations include the Brasiliana Food Store, selling all types of locally grown and produced goods twenty-four hours a day, including prepared meals and desserts.  Internet Cafés, sporting goods stores, music stores, and flower shops are also found in the area. 

A hot tip is NAOS SILVER GALERY,located behind NAXOS TOURS,they offer finest handmade jewelery for reasonable prices. The shop is especalised on semi previous gems set in sterling silver.The owner speaks exept of fluently english also German, Italian and French, the service in that place is amazing.