Naxos has a warm Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and cooler, more rainy winters.   The temperature in Naxos rarely drops below 50 degrees F, even at the height of winter.  Rainfall during the winter is heaviest during the months of December and January, averaging about 4 inches each month.  During July and August the island gets almost no rainfall. 

Visitors generally come to Naxos during the spring, summer and fall when they can avoid the rain and enjoy the island's beautiful beaches and sunny weather.  Sun bathing and boating are popular summer pastimes on the island.  During the summer especially, but generally all year round, visitors are urged to wear ample sun protection, even if they do not plan to be outdoors for long periods of time.  The island's sun exposure is very strong and people have been known to get severe burns, especially visitors who may not be used to the the island's climate.

During hot days, if the sun is to strong to be on the beach, there are some treks in the mountains in the center of the island.

For an up-to-date weather forecast of Naxos, visit the island's website weather page.