Seeing that Mykonos is the most popular island of the Cyclades, there is lots of information available online that should be looked at by anybody planning a trip to the area. 

            A good place to begin doing some research is at Mykonos' Official Website.  This site is dedicated entirely to tourist related information about the island.  Here, one will find useful information about accommodation, car, boat, and helicopter rentals, restaurants, shopping, activities, and much more.  A history link found at the top of the main page briefly explains how the island got where it is today.

            Another place to find information is the Greek National Tourist Office's Mykonos page.

            A good way to get to know an unfamiliar are better is by exploring its geography.  Make sure to check out a Map of Greece and a Map of Mykonos before setting off on a trip.

            There are no foreign embassies on Mykonos, but most countries have one located on the mainland of Greece.  Visit Embassies List for locations and contact information.