Mykonos is the most famous of all the Greek Islands, and the culture here is fantastic. 

            During the last few decades, this beautiful island has become a favorite vacation destination for some of the world’s most wealthy travelers.  Many Celebrities (Greek and international) keep summer homes on the island and can be seen passing through town. 

            Before tourists began visiting in large numbers, the majority of the area’s revenue was generated by fishing.  Although fishing still brings money into the island, today tourists provide the local economy with the largest influx of cash. 

            The landscape for lack of a better term is bright.  With white sand beaches, crystal blue water, and buildings (homes and businesses) scattering the island’s hills, the look is very clean. 

            The culture is driven by wealth, and because of this, thing tend to be expensive.  But on the same note, some of the finest dining and indulgences in the world can be found here.

            Greece in general is an open culture, and nudity at the beaches is prevalent.  The people are friendly and enjoy having a good time.  This can be felt during the night hours when clubs and bars stay open until morning  

            There are many museums and ancient historical sites around the island, and the red roofed churches scattered about add a unique flavor to the area.