BEACHES  - best gay beaches are Elia and Super Paradise on the south coast (pick up a free map when you arrive at the airport) ...Elia is slightly more pricey  - loungers at 8 euros but comfortable...get there either by car/scooter/quadbike direct from your hotel, or by bus from Mykonos town to Platis Gialos (10 minutes) then a boat - 6 euros return and about a 40 minute pleasant trip.......but even better  is Super Paradise Beach  -  closer than Elia (30 mins by boat) 3 euros for loungers and a charming bar/restaurant for lunch above the gay part of the beach with great views over the bay.  Charming.   Only trouble is that the road down to Super is too steep to allow a quadbike with 2 on it up again !  (so get out and push)  -  or use scooter / bike or car or boat to get there.  Both beaches have their "gay" area, and both are pleasant... a new gay bar has opened on Super Paradise ( Jackie O on the Beach) but Elia is mainly quiet.

"Paradise" beach (as opposed to "Super Paradise" above) is not gay at all now. 

Other more remote beaches are Panormos in the north of the island, Paranga which is mixed but beautiful, and a newer development at Lia in the west...small, most pleasant but not gay.   Also worth mentioning Ornos Bay (a few minutes away from Mykonos town by bus or your own transport) partly gay and a pleasant older more traditional and quieter beach than others from where the occasional boat goes to other beaches.  Great atmosphere, good for a meal or coffee or snack also. 

EVENING / NIGHT LIFE - two excellent places for "sunset" drinks are Kastros (charming relaxed lounge and music in "Little Venice") and The Elyseum Hotel (high up, stunning views across the town and bay but more pricey drinks - 10/12 euros for a cocktail).  Most people will be able to give directions if you ask them.  Near Little Venice is also the rather camp Lola Bar , with a drag queen doing her hair in front of a mirror above the toilets, and rather plush furniture which puts Moulin Rouge to shame! Before midnight is Portos near the Town Hall! On the harbourfront are two adjoining dancebars called Jacky O and Babylon. These are the best spots for sleazy partying, with the former being quite bold - hands all over you if the guys like you - and the latter more mellow and down-to-earth. At Jacky O they play only dance/eurotrash hits, whereas Babylon has some more sophisticated tunes. Both have drag shows.    All restaurants appear to be gay friendly. 

A brief note on GAY HOTELS.   Mykonos is a very gay island now, so apart from one exclusively gay hotel (The Elyseum - pricey but pleasant and a fabulous position) nearly all hotels accommodate and are positively friendly to gays.  So look on the web and select the one you like the look of without fear of homophobia.  Hotels in the centre of town may be noisier (though some are still quiet being in courtyard settings) and those up the hill have wonderful views across the bay and harbour.....preferable if you have your own transport to get up the hill!

FOR A CHANGE  -  if you get bored by beaches every day, take a trip to one of the closeby islands, particularly Delos, the birthplace of Apollo...a large and interesting site which takes a few hours to visit well.

Also try renting a fishing boat and just go with the flow to choose wherever you wish to go to secluded beaches not possible by road!