The Heraklion of interest to visitors is the area contained inside the city walls, built by the Venetians during the time when they had control of the city. The walls make an inverted equilateral triangle with the coastline, with the sea to the north, and the walls forming a tip pointing south. Exploring the city inside these walls is easy to do on foot. Many of the main sights are contained in the northeast quadrant of the city, including the popular Archaeological Museum and the History Museum, as well as the Arsenal and the city's Marina.

    Otherwise, there is an extensive public transportation system consisting of bus routes that can take you anywhere you want to go in the city. Tickets are relatively inexpensive. To get to the ruins of Knossos, it is advisable to take a bus. One bus station is located near the Marina, the other just outside the city walls on Mahis Kritis Street. Taxis are also a possibility, and it is easy to hail a cab on the street, or to go to designated taxi stands. Three useful ones are: Eleftherias Square opposite the outdoor cafes; on 25th August Street opposite Lion square; and at the bus station near the Marina.